Beauty Standards

Ren from Nu’est recently participated in a parody of Something by Girl’s Day. When I told my best friend she said something along the lines of, “The Korean media really has a way of messing with people’s minds. This is in no way funny or entertaining. How do you think girls who are already insecure feel about seeing a GUY who meets their culture’s impossible beauty standards when they don’t?” She went on to list many of our friends who truly believe that they’re ugly and want to rearrange their faces because they’ve been watching so many music videos and dramas featuring impossibly beautiful men and women. I admit that it’s sad, but what can you do? There really shouldn’t be a beauty standard at all but for some reason in my mind when I try to imagine a world like that communism keeps coming to mind. It’s weird.

Please love yourselves boys and girls. Because plastic surgery is scary.


About sunflowerneedle

I love all thing kawaii, and I'm a permanent dreamer. My hobbies include sewing, reading manga, listening to music, and drawing.

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