ImageI’m bored.

So bored. I’m bored with life. Not in a “Oh my God, there’s no meaning to life, I want to fucking shoot myself” kind of way. It just seems that I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while. Wake up, eat, learn, fart, shit, eat, sleep, sleep…….and repeat. Maybe it’s because I never do anything. I’ll wake up sometimes and go, “Today I’m going to do something productive. Something that will brighten my day.”

Ha! Nope.

I want to meet something/someone new, but the minute I open my door and the sunlight hits my pale flesh and eyes, I scream like a rabid bunny and shrivel up and die. And if I do in fact end up defeating the sunlight and manage to see another living being, I end up realizing that I don’t seem to like humanity that particular day, and then I end up realizing I wanna stab that person in the eye because they keep making eye contact……..yeah….I have issues. I’ve tried to get them checked out, but my laziness always defeats me in the end.

I’m bored and lazy. I would ask you to save me, but I would probably end up stabbing you in the eye.


About sunflowerneedle

I love all thing kawaii, and I'm a permanent dreamer. My hobbies include sewing, reading manga, listening to music, and drawing.

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