Okay, so I was looking into the dark abyss that is my mind earlier today and happened upon a dark, repressive (no, not really) memory from my elementary school days.

I was eating lunch with my friends, and everybody (in the cafeteria) was starting to get a little rowdy, so one of the cafeteria attendants flashed the lights on and off and yelled for silence. Now, this guy was a nice, old Indian man who spoke English with a rather thick accent, so when he shouted, “Quiet!” it was almost incomprehensible and strange sounding. This didn’t bother me, but almost everybody else in the cafeteria (including visiting parents and teachers picking up their class) burst out laughing at the poor man. My little 8yr old self looked around the cafeteria to seeing all these laughing faces, and I felt disgusted and ashamed of them. Then I looked back at the cafeteria attendant and saw him shrink a little. That made me sad and a little angry at everyone.

Looking back, I’m not really surprised that any of the kids laughed, because, you know, they were just children. But it’s ridiculous that any of the adults laughed at him at all. How can you call yourself a respectable adult if you do something as stupid and immature as laugh at an old man who’s not very good at speaking English? It’s not right. Sometimes I see these same adults, and I find it a little hard to respect them.


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I love all thing kawaii, and I'm a permanent dreamer. My hobbies include sewing, reading manga, listening to music, and drawing.

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